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Natural Beauty of Canada CANADA
Location: Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean, north of the conterminous US

Geographic coordinates: 60 00 N, 95 00 W

Map references: North America

total: 9,976,140 sq km
land: 9,220,970 sq km
water: 755,170 sq km

Area - comparative: slightly larger than the US
Vancover - Canada
Climate: varies from temperate in south to subarctic and arctic in north
Canada’s climate is not as cold all year around as some may believe. In winter, temperatures fall below freezing point throughout most of Canada. But the south-western coast has a relatively mild climate. Along the Arctic Circle, mean temperatures are below freezing for seven months a year.

Population: 31,592,805 (July 2001 est.)

Ethnic groups: British Isles origin 28%, French origin 23%, other European 15%, Amerindian 2%, other, mostly Asian, African, Arab 6%, mixed background 26%

Religions: Roman Catholic 42%, Protestant 40%, other 18%

Canada has many interesting sites within her borders. From the majestic mountains of British Columbia to the rocky bluffs of Newfoundland, each province has a unique landscape along with diverse cultures.

Canada has a widely spread population of 31,413,990 (July 2002). Most people live within 300km of the southern border. Almost 35% of Canadians are of British descent, 20% French and Italian, Chinese, Ukranian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Scandinavian make up a large portion of the population.

Canada is home to over 2250 reserves set up by the government as recognised areas set aside for the Native peoples. 70% of the Natives live on these reserves, most of which are in poverty and rely on government assistance.

Canada has a unique natural environment that offers many activities especially those of a physical manner. Families, in groups or by you, can enjoy activities in Canada. Self-guided or organised are equally enjoyable and you usually have the choice of either.

Canada is famous for its canoeing which can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Anything from a gentle paddle in the afternoon to a weeklong white water challenge is on offer.

National parks offer guided trips and information if you wish to direct yourself

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