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Prague is without doubt one of Europe's jewels. As a city that plays host to a superb mix of architectural styles it has, at its heart, some of the most striking Gothic and Baroque monuments in Europe. Largely unspoiled by the ravages of time, Prague also emerged unscathed (physically at least) from a tumultuous 20th century, though the events of World War II and the subsequent Cold-War occupation by Soviet forces have left a lasting imprint on the Czech psyche.

Since 1989, and the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe, millions of tourists have flocked to the Czech Republic. Seduced by the romantic charm of the city's Old Town (and a wealth of sightseeing opportunities), Prague has become one of the world's most popular city break destinations. Moreover, a significant number of non-Czech nationals - mainly from the US - have settled in the city, creating a sizeable ex-pat community and bringing about new cultural diversity in the process.

Prague today, as it has been over the centuries, is a vibrant ever-evolving city with a fine tradition for culture and the arts. Coupled with a thriving social scene (and first-rate beer) visitors to Prague will find much to enjoy here, both in terms of long-established traditions and events, but also familiar reminders of home.

Location: Central Europe, southeast of Germany

Area (total): 78,866 sq km
Area (land): 77,276 sq km
Area (water): 1,590 sq km

Climate: temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters

Geography - note: landlocked; strategically located astride some of oldest and most significant land routes in Europe; Moravian Gate is a traditional military corridor between the North European Plain and the Danube in central Europe

Largest city population: 1,225,000 (1995)

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