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Turkey was a region through which ancient Asian Turkish culture moved into Europe, and also a window of Western culture opening to meet the east.
Turkey is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Aegean Sea, which connects the country to the whole world. Because of these long coastal borders and the bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey has been the centre of major commercial and migration routes.

Turkey is located between Europe and Asia and is roughly a rectangular shape. The largest section is the Anatolian Peninsula at 790,200 km2, known as Asia Minor. Thrace (Trakya) is the smaller area, at 24,378 km2, and is located at the east of Balkan peninsula, bringing the total area of the country to 814,578 km2. With a coastline measuring 8272km, Turkey is a naval country in a central position to the world’s prominent continents.

Turkey is considered a high-altitude country, as the mountains cover the majority of the surface even though there is a significant area which is made up of plains, plateaus and sediment areas. These geographical variations mean that the climate is also varied, and affects the location of settlements and economic conditions.

There are numerous rivers in Turkey, the majority of which are used in energy production processes. The Firat and Dicle rivers in Eastern Anatolia flow into the Basra Gulf; Yesilirmak, Kizilirmak and Sakarya rivers in Central Anatolia into the Black Sea, Susurluk Creek, Biga and Gonen creeks into the Marmara Sea; and Gediz and Big and Small Menderes rivers into the Aegean Sea.
Old Monument
The total surface area of the lakes in Turkey is 9200 km2, with Eastern Anatolia having the largest area. Lake Van is the biggest, (3713 km2) and Ercek, Cildir and Hazar lakes are also in this region. The largest in Central Anatolia are mostly shallow with high salt content, hence the name of the second biggest in the country, Tuzgolu (Salt lake) at 1500 km2. There is a boat service which operates across the lake Van.

Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea

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