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  The Land of Rich Heritage, Colors and Traditions brings out the most of regal experiences. Check out the mood of various Destinations in Rajasthan, most liked and appreciated by Travelers around the globe.

The City of Lakes, Udaipur

The Pink City, Jaipur

Sand Dunes of  Jaisalmer
Old Havelis of  Bikaner
The Sun City,  Jodhpur
Wildlife Fun at  Bharatpur
Hill Station,  Mount Abu
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Mount Abu


Mt Abu is situated in the south-west of Rajasthan on a hilly plateau about 22 km long by six km wide, The main part of the town extends along the road in from Abu Road, down to Nakki Lake.
Nakki Lake It is a holy lake because this was made by a God using his nails. Nails means “Nakh” & that is why it is called Nakki Lake. The lake is surrounded by hills, several parks and some strange rock formations.
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Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

This 290 sq km wildlife sanctuary, eight km north-east of Mt Abu, is home to panthers, bears, sambars, fox, wild boar and birds. It spreads through forested hills, including1721m high Guru Shikhar. In the sanctuary is Trevor's Tank, a small reservoir which was built and named after an English engineer.
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Adhar Devi Temple

This ancient Durga temple built in a natural cleft in the rock. You have to stoop to get through the low entrance to the temple. There are good views over Mt Abu from up here.
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Dilwara Temples

These Jain temples are Mt Abu's main attraction and among the finest examples of Jain architecture in India. The complex includes two temples in which the art of carving marble reached unsurpassed heights. The older of the temples is the Vimal Vasahi, built in 1031 and dedicated to the first tirthankar, Adinath. Forty-eight elegantly carved pillars form the entrance to the courtyard. The later Tejpal Temple is dedicated to Neminath, the 22nd tirthankar, and was built in 1230 by the brothers Tejpal and Vastupal.
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Ranakpur complex is one of the biggest and most important Jain temples in India, the extremely beautiful. It lies in a remote and quiet valley of the Aravalli Range 60 km from Udaipur. The main temple is the Chaurnukha Temple, or Four Faced Temple, dedicated to Adinath, the first tirthankar. Built in 1439,this huge, beautifully crafted and well kept marble temple has 29 halls supported by1444 pillars, no two of which are alike. Within the complex are two other Jain temples- to Neminath and Parasnath - and, a little distance away, a Sun Temple. "The Amba Mata Temple is one km from the main complex.
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